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  Date: End of the 12th century
  Reign: Jayavarman VII
  Style: Bayon
  Religion: Buddhist
  Opening hours: 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
  Tour: 1h ½ to 2 hours

In the late 12th century (the main divinity of the Temple was dedicated in 1191), Preah Khan (or “Sacred Sword”) was a considerable city as well as a Buddhist university. Today, it is a temple that invites visitors to meander slowly through and admire the architecture, decoration, the famous Hall of Dancers and, of course, the giant “fromagers”. There are several interesting pediments, carvings and structures which tourists should not miss, such as pediment of God Vishnu reclining on the snake Ananta, Garudas on fourth enclosure wall and two-storey structure with round column.

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