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  Date: End of the 12th century
  Reign: Jayavarman VII
  Style: Bayon
  Religion: Buddhist
  Opening hours: 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
  Tour: 15 minutes at each temple, excluding the walking time of the 1500 m from the gate to the temple

At each corner of Angkor Thom city, there is a small temple called PRASAT CHRUNG (“Shrine of the Angle”).

The Khmer term “Chrung” (pronounced “tshrong”) means “corner” or “angle”, the four corners of the city walls of Angkor Thom.

Built towards the end of the King Jayavarman VII’s reign, the four Prasat Chrung share the same layout: a cruciform sanctuary and a square stone pavilion. Carvings of small celestial beings on the sanctuary and pediments devoted to Lokeshvara and Buddhas are very attractive. The best preserved is the one located in the South-East corner.

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