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Run Ta Ek

To protect the values of Angkor Park, and thus its cultural landscapes, the Royal Government tries to keep the population living in the Park to the current number of inhabitants or at least to minimize their growth, by prohibiting the sale of lands to people from outside the Park. To meet the housing needs of the new generation, it has been decided to settle them down outside the limits of the protected zones, on a voluntary basis. The APSARA National Authority acquired a 1,012 hectares ground in Run Ta Ek area, at a half an hour by car from the city of Siem Reap.

In this new village, residents find their living environment of origin with the same economic activities (fields of culture, networks of irrigation, micro-credit…) and social infrastructures (school, vocational training center, Buddhist monastery). It is a green village equipped with solar energy, producing organic culture, and offering farming and ecotourism networks (homestay). It is organized around small natural lakes in five units of houses and where APSARA plans to accommodate around 850 families, that is approximately 5 000 people. Every family receives one hectare of ground for the construction of  house and for the agricultural activities. As for today, hundred families are established in Run Ta Ek and benefit from technical training in biological agriculture, farm fishing, eco-fertilizer, handicraft and organic cooking.

Run Ta Ek is the perfect setting for a spiritual overhaul. It offers a complete immersion in nature with chances to engage the daily activities of the villagers as well as other outdoor adventure activities. Needless to say that all benefits are for the villagers.
Staying in Run Ta Ek contributes not only to help the inhabitants to become self-sufficient but also to protect Angkor, the world heritage site!
For informations and booking, please send email to or get in touch with:

Mr. Khem — (+855) 010 882 220,

Mr. Tommy– (+855) 086 880 038,

Mr. Reth — (+855) 077 890 890,

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