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Entry requirements

A valid passport for at least 6 months and visa are required for most nationalities.


Tourist (T) and Business visas (E) can be obtained at the international airports, and border checkpoints on arrival. Only Tourist visa can be requested online before departure. It is recommended to apply for Business visa in case of long stay. Be careful, overstays will be fined $ 5 per day.

  Tourist Visa (T):(T): $30.00, 30 days, extendable 1 time for a total of 30 days. Form to fill-out, 1passport photo and payment only in cash.

  Business visa (E):$ 35.00, 30 days, indefinitely extendable. Form to fill-out, 1 passport photo, and payment only in cash.

  Online visa: $ 37 dollars, 30 days, processing time: 3 business days. 1 passport-size photo in digital format (JPEG or PNG format), a valid credit card (Visa/MasterCard). After receiving your visa through email, print it out and bring it along when you travel to Cambodia.

  Visa Renewal: Renew visas through a travel agent or in Phnom Penh at the ´Immigration Department‟ on Confederation de Russie („Airport Road‟), located opposite Phnom Penh International Airport. T (855-12) 581558. Email:

‘Processing time: 4 or 5 business days

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