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Sunset in Angkor


Phnom Krom

Climb the stairs to the top of Phnom Krom, visit the temple and the monastery and enjoy the sun setting over the Tonle Sap Lake and the nearby rice fields.

Phnom Bok

Be ready for a challenging adventure and climb up 630 stairs to the top of Phnom Bok to view the sunset behind an Angkorian temple and across the rural landscape.

Angkor Thom West Wall

For a quiet sunset experience, walk or cycle around the wall of Angkor Thom to watch the sunset from the west wall of Angkor Thom over the moat and the West Baray. On the way, make a stop at Prasat Chrung at the south-west corner of Angkor Thom.

Pre Rup

Climb the top of Pre Rup for a view of the sunset over the countryside towards Angkor Wat in the distance.

Sras Srang Eastern Wall

Walk along the banks of Sras Srang to watch the sunset over the pond.

West Mebon

Take a boat trip to the Mebon in the centre of the West Baray to enjoy the most of the quiet sunset spot.

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