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Sunrise in Angkor


Phnom Bakheng

Bakheng’s hilltop location makes it the most popular sunrise and sunset location in the area, offering an impressive view of the Tonle Sap, the West Baray, the Kulen Mountains, Phnom Bok, Phnom Krom and the 5 towers of Angkor Wat. Diversity and splendor of different points of views, deep and rich colors, make it overcrowded at sunset. Therefore we recommend you to experience a sunrise visit in the early morning, when it’s cool and crowds are light. Climb the hill and enjoy the beautiful views on the Siem Reap plain.You can walk up, follow the elephant path or ride an elephant.

Angkor Wat

If the weather is fine, you can contemplate the most spectacular view of the stunning silhouette of Angkor Wat temple, while the sun is rising behind it.

You can also experience another point of view and admire from the grassy banks of Angkor Wat, the beautiful colors of the sun rising and its reflection on the moat.

Entering from the south eastern causeway will allow you to view the sun behind Angkor Wat.

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