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Horse riding in the countryside

Ideal way to break up the temple tours and see more of the Cambodian countryside and local villages.

The Happy Ranch Horse Farm offers variety of rides from 1 to 4 hours from sunrise to sunset. You will enjoy horse riding and ballads in original hand-made Khmer horse carts through local villages and countryside.
Morning or late afternoon, when it’s not too hot, are best times for rides. 

Countryside trail rides (per person, in USD, guide and all taxes included):

– 1 hour countryside trail ride, $28

– 2 hours countryside trail ride, $46

– 3 hours countryside trail ride, $59

– 4 hours countryside trail ride, $69

Horse-cart rides (organized for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 persons per cart, price per person, in USD, all taxes included):

– 1 hour countryside ride, $17.00. Children 5-10 years old, $8.00. Children under 5 years old, Free.

For the welfare of the horses, the ranch imposes a weight limit of 90 kg. No weight limit for Horse Cart rides.

For more information and booking, please visit:

Address: Group 4, Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap

Tel: +855 12 920 002/ 016 920 002/ 0977 920 002


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