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Boat ride in nature


The tour is a community social enterprise set up with the support of the APSARA National Authority and the Australian Government to protect and present the natural and cultural heritage of the Baray. It provides supplementary income to local people living in two villages north of the Baray, Phlong village and Leang Dai village. It is a perfect way to support the locals and share their knowledge; and enjoy a bit of time away from all the tourists, relaxing on a non-motorized boat!

The tour takes place in the North Baray, also called the Jayatataka. Visitors are taken on a walking and boat tour of the area, discovering the plant nursery of Preah Khan and culminating in a visit to the Neak Pean temple.

3 tours proposed from 6.00 AM to 5.30 PM:

– 20 minutes, $7 per person, 4 per child; sunset boat ride (available only from 4.00 to 5.30 PM)

– 1.5 hours, $12 per person, 6 per child: departure from Preah Khan temple, walk in the forest and boat ride back to Preah Khan

– 2.5 hours, $18 per person, 9 per child: departure from Krang Kroch welcome center near Ta Som Temple, walk in the forest, boat ride on the Baray, visit of Neak Poan Temple and back to Preah Khan temple.

For more information and booking please visit community-tour/tour- information/141212422717264

or call 855 95 258 190 or 855 97 9501 423

Tours are not available during the dry season

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