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Am I allowed to circulate everywhere in Angkor with my vehicle? Where can I park?

You are able to circulate everywhere with your vehicle inside the park as long as you stay on the road. Be aware that buses are not allowed inside Angkor Thom when they have more than 25 seats.

It is completely forbidden to park anywhere on the site. There are several parking areas where you can leave your vehicle – cars as well as bicycles: in front of Angkor Wat, on both sides of Ta Prohm, in front of North Khleang and next to Krol Ko. See the interactive map to locate all the parking spaces: link to interactive map.

Are there people living inside Angkor?

Yes, there are about 130,000 people living in the 112 villages inside Angkor. They make a living from touristic activities inside the park by selling souvenirs, food or beverages. You can easily visit some of these villages during your trip in Angkor.

Please keep a respectful behavior while interacting with the local community.

Is there any possibility to spend a night inside Angkor?

No, there is absolutely no possibility to spend a night inside the site. There are neither hotels nor guesthouses. Besides, there is no possibility neither to stay with the locals nor to sleep out in the open nor in the temples.

However, there are some homestays outside the park such as Run Ta Ek or Bang Thom Homestay.

Is there anything else I need to know when I go to Angkor?

Be aware that the temples are sacred places: dress properly, with shoulders and knees hidden, and do not be loud. Respect the monument: do not sit or touch the sculptures, do not smoke and litter, do not move or take the stones.

For more information, please click here.

Is it true that a Vietnamese company manages Angkor?

No, it is not true. Angkor has never been managed neither linked with any Vietnamese company. Angkor is managed by the APSARA National Authority. The ticketing is being managed by the national body, the Angkor Enterprise.

Can I touch or feed monkeys?

Please kindly pay respect to the Fauna and Flora of Angkor and be aware that it is not advised to touch or to feed the monkeys.

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