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With trees come also birds, insects and other invertebrates playing an essential role in the ecosystems. There is nothing to fear, open your eyes and you will see how beautiful nature is.


With almost 100 species of birds confirmed in Angkor, birdwatchers from around the world will want to bring their binoculars along! Red-breasted and Alexandrine parakeets are commonly heard and seen in Ta Prohm temples, black drongos and orioles fly around the edge of the forests of Angkor Thom and crested serpent eagles can be seen circling high in the skies on ascending current.

A list of birds recently seen in Angkor can be downloaded from,


Due to the conversion of land from forests to agriculture over the last decades, many mammals have kept away from people and found refuge in the sacred forests of Angkor. Most commonly seen are long-tailed macaques, variable and striped squirrels and giant fruit bats. Though rarely seen, studies have shown that Angkor is home to Sunda pangolins, slow lorises, mouse deers, leopard cats and barking deers. While a large part of the fauna was lost during decades of civil war, APSARA National Authority is currently working in cooperation with Wildlife Alliance to reintroduce pileated gibbons and silvered langurs in Angkor, and more species of endangered animals will be reintroduced in the near future.

Insects and other invertebrates Insects and other invertebrates likely represent around 80% of all animal species in Angkor! Thousands of species of insects and invertebrates are living in Angkor, playing an essential role in the ecosystems. While little study has been conducted so far to assess their diversity, every visitor won’t fail to notice the ever-present dragonflies, butterflies and ants found around every temple, as well as the giant termite mounds. Mosquitoes are the only insects you should be worried about but a good DEET-based repellent will keep them at bay!

Snakes and amphibians

Angkor is home to about 30 species of snakes, a majority of which are non-venomous and rarely seen during daytime. Geckos, skinks and other lizards are commonly found in every temple and many species of frogs live in the many moats on ponds, though they’re easier to spot during the rainy season.

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