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A Nature Tour in Angkor

Angkor is so much more than temples! Once the largest city in the world, it is now a perfect illustration of how it only took a few centuries for nature to recover and completely cover the remains of an ancient civilization!

The Angkor Archaeological Park is a rich and complex patchwork of tropical dense forests, wetlands, rice fields, water channels and ponds surrounding the world-famed temples of Angkor. Benefiting from the protection given to the UNESCO world heritage site, the forests of Angkor are the best protected in northwest Cambodia and acting as a unique sanctuary for thousands of species of plants and animals. Angkor truly is a living museum, an open-air botanical garden and a treasure trove of wonders! While visiting Angkor, pay attention to your surroundings and get to know the natural ecosystems around the temples. They’re really worth discovering. Get close to the magnificent trees, look out for bugs and try to spot the elusive birds! There’s much more to see than temples!

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