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Angkorian Capitals

Phnom Kulen is believed to be the capital of the first Angkorian king, named Jayavarman II (early 9th century). For a certain period, the king established himself at Roluos. At the end of the 9th century, King Yashovarman moved the capital from Roluos to the Angkor Thom area which remained the capital until the fall of the Angkor Empire in the 14th century; with an exception of the short reign of Jayavarman IV (921- c. 940 A.D.). At his time, the capital was in Koh Ker region, about 130 kilometers to the north-east of Angkor.

The choice of location and organization of a capital city was made by considering many factors, economic and religious in particular.

Our circuit proposes a visit of the main temples of each capital city in a chronological order. It will enhance the knowledge of visitors about Khmer architecture, statuary as well as inscriptions, which are the main sources of historical facts. In the other hand, the visitors will understand better the concept of capital city in Angkorean time.

We propose a six-day circuit to broaden the knowledge related to the state-temples in various Angkorian capitals in different times.

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